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Your Guide To Hiring A Halton Small Business Lawyer

Your Guide To Hiring A Halton Small Business Lawyer

Your Guide To Hiring A Halton Small Business Lawyer
May 02
14:32 2017

Avoid mistakes in business before they happen

Most small businesses wait until it is too late to find a good lawyer, often delaying until mistakes have been made and they find themselves in hot water. Having a competent Halton small business lawyer that you trust (before you get into trouble) will help you to navigate through tricky and very important aspects of your business. Aspects such as zoning compliance, becoming a formal incorporation, identifying liability risks, copyrighting, and trademarking, to name just a few.

Many Halton small business lawyers nowadays are specializing their services to focus their practice on one specific area or another. For businesses that have growth and expansion as an important long term goal, there could be any number of areas that will need addressing, including:

– Contract preparation and signing

– Organizing your business (corporation, LLC, etc.) – Real estate (purchases, sales, leases, etc.)

– Taxes and licenses

– Intellectual Property

This makes it even more important to find a Halton small business lawyer who has an understanding of your industry and specific needs, but also has a well-rounded set of skills that will help to keep your business affairs organized and protected. Why use five lawyers when one will do?


At Carson Law, we understand the importance of recognizing your legal responsibilities and obligations so they are addressed before mistakes are made. To us, prevention is less expensive, but more valuable, than recovery.

Our practice focuses specifically on commercial real estate and corporate law. In this capacity we can handle all types of commercial real estate services such as purchases and sales, refinances, investor structures, private lending, rent to own agreements, leases, the preparation of deeds and mortgages, drafting of purchase and sale agreements, and assisting in lending and debt consolidations.

We can provide corporate advice regarding the various methods of carrying on a business and will assist in the incorporation and organization of companies, including registering business names and drafting required supporting documents (ie. agreements for shareholders, partnerships, general securities, tax roll overs, and loans; promissory notes; and other various corporate documents). Carson Law provides services to business in Burlington, Oakville and Milton.

Carson Law is also a registered trademark and patents agent and can handle all matters associated with intellectual property such as trademark, patent, and copyright preparation and filing. When choosing a Halton small business lawyer choose Carson Law.

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