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Medical Innovation Makes the Move to Brampton

Medical Innovation Makes the Move to Brampton

Medical Innovation Makes the Move to Brampton
July 18
13:28 2016

The ninth-largest city in Canada, Brampton celebrates a diverse population that represents people from 209 distinct ethnic backgrounds who speak 89 different languages. Brampton residents and visitors have access to state-of-the-art recreation facilities and one of the fastest-growing transit systems in Canada.

Innovative and successful Human Health & Life Sciences companies and headquarters are quickly becoming the norm in Canada’s second-fastest growing city, such as:

. Brampton’s William Osler Health System is an emerging leader in healthcare research and development and plays a critical role in the education of hundreds of future health professionals each year. Its strong clinician-based, formalized research program focuses on improving patient care; shifting to preventative, proactive care; and treating diverse populations – the goal of its Global Health Program.

. MDA Space Missions, developed the NeuroArm, a cutting-edge device for neurosurgery. Controlled by the surgeon, the device allows for more precise surgery with a near real time view of the area being worked on and the location of the surgical tools – truly changing the way that life-saving surgery will be performed in the future.

. Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc., a global leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing, refers to its Brampton operation as its worldwide centre of excellence for dermatology, liquid manufacturing and research. Ontario is helping Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc. invest in new manufacturing and R&D equipment to expand research and production at its Brampton facility, with a $7 million investment creating up to 140 new jobs and retaining 395 positions in the city.

. Dynacare Medical Laboratories’ main testing facility in Brampton is one of the largest, most state-of-the- art laboratories in North America. Dynacare has been instrumental in the early delivery of new tests in the areas of allergy, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, paternity, ulcers, and other problems of the stomach and intestines and more.
ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development has broken ground on a new 122,000 square foot treatment facility in Brampton for children with disabilities and special needs.The facility, set to open in 2017, will house Ontario’s largest respite centre for children who are medically fragile/technology dependent, have complex care requirements, behavioural challenges, or autism.

“This is a priority growth industry for Brampton. We are committed to building strong partnerships with innovative companies and capitalizing on the development of peel memorial centre and erinokkrds and the continued growth of Brampton civic hospital” said Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “Our young, diverse, well-educated and highly skilled workforce makes Brampton an attractive choice for health and life sciences businesses looking to start-up, relocate or expand.”

“We are most fortunate to be part of, and to serve, the growing Brampton community,” said Erinoakkids President and CEO Bridget Fewtrell. “When we open our new facility in 2017, children and youth with disabilities and special needs in Brampton will have more access to better co-ordinated services to help them reach their true potential. We are truly excited to continue expanding service to this thriving city and its growing population.”

For more information, visit or follow @CityBrampton on Twitter.

the growing Brampton community the growing Brampton community

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