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Mississauga, Ontario – Where Business Wins

Mississauga, Ontario – Where Business Wins

Mississauga, Ontario – Where Business Wins
July 18
16:45 2016

The competition for highly- skilled and motivated people is on. That puts your business in a human race – and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is where you win it.

With 63,000 businesses that include 71 Fortune 500 companies and over 1,400 multinational firms, Canada’s 6th largest city has successfully proven to be highly attractive to foreign investors looking to expand into the North American market. International appeal is boosted by the Mississauga-located Toronto Pearson International Airport and its strong and growing economy with local access to 4.3 million employees within the Greater Toronto Area.

Trained, Tried and Talented

Mississauga values a strong global business future, fostering a prosperous and sustainable economy that attracts and grows talent. Mississauga provides firms with access to a skilled talent force, with two thirds of the city’s adult residents having a post-secondary education and with ample opportunities for the next generation to study and work in some of Canada’s finest educational institutions. The city is surrounded by 21 Ontario post-secondary institutions that enroll over 55,000 foreign students annually (2014/15).

As part of its economic development strategy, the City strives to leverage Mississauga’s cultural, economic and academic assets to enhance productivity and innovation throughout the city. Also, in working closely with foreign-based companies, the City is able to build linkages with their countries of origin to create pipelines of global knowledge and trade. This will in turn, strengthen Mississauga’s business community, and provide new opportunities for business entrance or expansion in the North American market.

Return on Investment

In a ranking of cities across the American continents by FDI magazine, a specialist division of the Financial Times, Mississauga ranks as a top city for foreign direct investment (FDI), FDI strategy, connectivity and business friendliness, in the large-size category for American Cities of the Future 2015/16.

Mississauga is well positioned to foster international business development and expansion, and its international business community continues to grow and strengthen into an impressive network with global connectivity in a broad range of sectors. In the past few years, Mississauga has seen foreign direct investment from such countries as India, Korea, Japan, Spain, UK and the USA. Most recently

are: a $50M investment from Sumitomo Precision Product Canada, a Japanese aircraft parts maker; TJX Company Inc.’s new $100M site that will create approximately 1,200 jobs; Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, a France-based company, opened its first Canadian Headquarters in Mississauga, creating 40 new full-time jobs; and McKessen Canada, a U.S.-based life sciences company, expanded its operations in Mississauga retaining over 360 employees in Mississauga.

FDI remains a key driver of Mississauga’s economic growth and prosperity and serves as a source of capital, employment, technology and knowledge while fostering linkages with local firms. In many ways, FDI helps facilitate access to foreign markets and further integration into the global market. For this reason, the City of Mississauga will continue to build the City’s international profile by developing new tools and programs to attract international companies in emerging areas of innovation, as well as explore opportunities to co-market with Mississauga-based companies internationally.

Mississauga’s track record for success is evident in the city’s strong and diverse business community. Factors such as government support, favourable taxes and premier infrastructure in the middle of a large and financially stable market, have made its business development both natural and steady. Mississauga is a city entrenched with the kind of support that global companies need to compete and win in business.

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