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McMaster Innovation Park aims to be Internationally Recognized

McMaster Innovation Park aims to be Internationally Recognized

McMaster Innovation Park aims to be Internationally Recognized
July 31
16:03 2015

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) is the place where visions are realized and ideas are transformed into commercial opportunities through collaboration with McMaster University.

MIP offers research and commercialization opportunities in Hamilton, Ontario that stem from innovative spaces and facilities housing laboratory, office, teaching, training, and conference facilities. MIP focuses on areas in which McMaster University has recognized emerging technology strengths including advanced manufacturing and materials, nanotechnology, and bio-technology.

McMaster Innovation Park has a vision to be an internationally recognized focal point for, innovation, creativity, learning and research excellence aligned with the research strengths of McMaster University.

Within this vision is the aim to house 10 buildings with 1,500-1,800 employees in the next 10 years. In just five years, MIP has grown to include the Atrium@MIP, the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre, and the CanmetMATERIALS Laboratory with a total of 718 full-time employees.

The Atrium@MIP is over 98 per cent full with scientists, engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs and is the innovation hub of the park. The McMaster Automotive Resource Centre is producing some of the most advanced automotive research in Canada and CanmetMATERIALS continues to be a world-class advanced materials and manufacturing facility.

The total economic impact of MIP currently for Hamilton ranges between $38 million and $50 million, and for Ontario between $39 million and $52 million (2013 Economic Impact Study, Focus Business Consultanting).

Looking towards future growth, MIP has two more projects currently on the way: the Fraunhofer-McMaster Project Centre (FMPC) and the Emerging Technology Centre (ETC). FMPC is a collaboration of McMaster University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology focusing on the fast emerging cell therapies industry. This investment will help create jobs, attract top talent to the region, and keep Ontario at the forefront of scientific discovery. The project centre is part of the McMaster Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

The FMPC will develop innovative technologies to automate production for cell therapies, significantly lowering the cost to treat degenerative diseases like cancer. The FMPC represents the nucleus of this new industry with the potential for developing partnerships with industry and the birth of spin-off companies to commercialize new technologies. McMaster Innovation Park is proud to house this great project and hopes to see many more take place in Hamilton as it continues to build success.

The Emerging Technology Centre will be an 80,000-square-foot built-to-suit, stateof-the-art facility to attract health science researchers from around the world. It will feature 40,000 square feet of lab space and five thousand feet of lab incubator space. The building will have an atrium area designed for researchers of various disciplines to meet and collaborate. The building focuses on the research and application of emerging technology and will be a great addition to MIP.

McMaster Innovation Park is continually growing to fulfill its vision. It offers sites of .5 to 5 acres fully serviced and will design, build and lease back custom buildings or will design a building with your needs included in a larger build. MIP is committed to using sustainable design principles, transforming former brownfields into a premier research park at a LEED silver or higher level.

For more information on space available in the Emerging Technology Centre and build-to-suit opportunities, contact Mark Stewart, Marketing and Leasing Manager, at or 905-667-5505.

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