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Managing Growth in Waterloo

Managing Growth in Waterloo

Managing Growth in Waterloo
July 19
14:45 2016

The Region of Waterloo continues to grow. With a current population of 550,000, it is now the fourth largest community in Ontario and the 10th largest in Canada.

Over the next 20 years, growth will continue as the Region expects 200,000 new residents to move to the community. In fact, the Province recently increased its population projection for Waterloo Region, from 729,000 to 742,000 by 2031 (Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe). These projections are on track as nearly 10,000 new residents move to the area each year.

Where will these 200,000 new residents live and how will they travel in and around Waterloo Region? The traditional pattern of suburban sprawl and single-occupancy car travel is not sustainable as the area prepares to add the equivalent of another City of Kitchener to the community.

The Region of Waterloo recognizes the need to look at new and improved ways to prepare for the future.

The Region of Waterloo, together with the Province (through its Places to Grow legislation), is encouraging development and growth within existing urban areas. By focusing development and investment in the core, the Region can build up, instead of out: limiting urban sprawl and protecting the environment.

Moving people more efficiently in and around the community, limiting urban sprawl and saving Waterloo Region’s unique farmland through the protection and preservation of the environment are three of the fundamental goals of ION – the Region of Waterloo’s new rapid transit service.

ION will help local businesses attract new talent to Waterloo Region, assist with job creation and stimulate new business growth. It will also help with traffic congestion and reduce the need for costly road improvements in some areas.

Managing Growth in Waterloo Managing Growth in Waterloo

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