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Make Billing Changes Easily: Become a Cut-In Landlord

Make Billing Changes Easily: Become a Cut-In Landlord

Make Billing Changes Easily: Become a Cut-In Landlord
November 24
11:54 2016

Cut-In Landlord

Enersource understands that being a landlord can be a challenge. It takes a lot of time and work to look after a property, especially if you’re busy transferring units to new tenants or managing premises that may be vacant.

We’re here to help make managing your energy bill simple, and make your experience with us as smooth as possible.

What if we could free you from having to call us each time occupancy changes in one of your units? That’s the advantage of opening a Cut-In Landlord account. When a tenant moves out, we automatically start billing either your landlord account or the account of the new occupants, starting from the previous tenant’s termination date. There’s no written agreement needed.

A Cut-In Landlord account ensures that the electrical power is not disconnected between occupancy periods and the change occupancy fee is waived every time!

Simply fill out the landlord application form found at www.

If you decide not to open a Cut-In Landlord account, you can contact us as needed to advise us each time services for vacant premises should be billed to your landlord account. Again, there’s no written agreement required.

Please note… Cut-In Landlord accounts cannot be back-dated, and they cannot be final-billed (closed) until the new tenant sets up an account. It is important that you include an application for service as part of your lease agreement to avoid any possible billing issues or disruption of service.

Please visit for further details.


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