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Future of Commercial Real Estate in Peel is Here!

Future of Commercial Real Estate in Peel is Here!

Future of Commercial Real Estate in Peel is Here!
November 24
09:55 2016

Commercial Real Estate in Peelprovides warehouse, office and retail space solutions within the Greater Toronto Area.

Situated in the heart of southern, Peel, which is made up of Ontario, Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga, boasts a population of more than 1.3 million people and 88,000 businesses. This pocket of Ontario has undergone a major transition during the past few decades. Rapid population growth and commercial development have transformed what was primarily a rural area of farms and villages into a dynamic blend of urban, industrial and residential areas.


The town of Caledon has a mission to promote economic opportunities and secure investment that support strategic economic development objectives and enhance community prosperity. The City of Brampton has a young, educated, highly skilled and multicultural workforce connected to a world class transportation corridors to major markets. The City of Mississauga has premier Infrastructure for Business. Well maintained roads & major highways with an extensive public transit system, (MiWay), the 3rd largest in Ontario serving 37 million riders. A world class commuter rail services and planned network of rapid transit along with the city’s 100% coverage by wireless and wire line services make it one of the best telecommunication networks in the world.

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